About Us

Lynx IT delivers Custom, CRM and BI software. Since inception in 2004, we have been responsible for the delivery of many projects from small innovative solutions up to multi-million dollar enterprise-scale systems.

We utilise agile delivery processes and work with a range of technologies and tools – some examples are: Java, Open Source and Microsoft, CRM (SalesForce and Microsoft) and Business Intelligence (Microsoft (including Power BI), AWS, Redshift and Tableau).

Lynx IT are part of the Dialog Group of companies. Dialog is Australia’s leading privately owned IT organisation with over 1,200 consultants and offices in every major Australian city.


People and Process

Lynx IT employs a rigorous selection process that looks at technical capability and cultural fit. We then educate our people in our delivery processes and apply a continuous improvement approach in support of their careers.

Our process is our own refined and optimised version of a Scrum-based agile methodology which is designed with adaptability in mind so that we can easily integrate with our clients’ methods. Our project development life cycle is based around an iterative continuous delivery and automated testing process that includes planning, peer reviews and retrospectives and delivery of new functionality early and often. Clients have strong visibility of progress and can review design and function early in development.


Clients and Projects

Lynx IT works with medium to large organisations in various business sectors including Financial Services (Banking, Wealth, Superannuation and Insurance), Wagering, Government and Logistics.

Recent large project examples include:

  • A financial asset registry system responsible for managing funds to the value of billions of dollars
  • A high performance wagering web portal displaying real time betting odds from multiple data feeds with sub-second updates and the ability to handle 30,000 concurrent users
  • A CRM based Anti-Money Laundering solution to meet regulatory agency requirements for a leading bank
  • A Business Intelligence solution providing data warehousing and reporting capability for a major government contract.


For additional information please contact us: 03 9693 8900

We are located at Level 5 / 158 City Road in Southbank.